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Modesto History

Then & Now | A Brief Overview Of Modesto California Past & Present Modesto was established as 1 of the main northern California elite railroad towns. During the mid 1860s, Collis Huntington, Leland Stanford, Mark Hopkins, and Charles Crocker (the infamous “big Four”) reported plans to build a new railroad track up down the San Joaquin Valley to associate the north and south parts of the enormous valley. They chose to expand the Central Pacific Railroad. However, they were not able secure land gifts to back development, as they had finished the Transcontinental Railroad as of late. Modesto – the town and its Neighborhood Community Modesto’s unique town format is yet less obvious today: downtown is a roughly 640-section of land tract with numbered roads situated parallel to what is currently the Union Pacific Railroad and lettered avenues situated to the opposite (Section 29, Township 3 South, Range 9 East Mount Diablo Meridian). The first Central Pacific prepare achieved Modesto on October 11, 1870, permitting neighborhood farmers to transport their dry land wheat to the Bay Area and giving traveler benefit. (The Central Pacific Railroad converged with Southern Pacific Railroad in 1959, not long after Congress assuaged arrival giving railways to give traveler benefit as the necessity in 1958. Modesto’s first mail station was built up in November of 1870 on ninth Street (at that point called Front Street) and the Tuolumne City News moved to eleventh and I Streets and was renamed Stanislaus County News. The landing of the Central Pacific Railroad expanded Modesto’s significance and the region situated was relocated from Knights Ferry area in a decision on September 6, 1871. The region had been relocated in multiple occasions, that is before transportation designated Modesto the most vital place in the region. The City Of Empire, as well, had been successful as a province situated at that time, as had Adamsville, a town that never again exists in the modern world. District records were moved to a brief courthouse at eighth and I Streets and the last building were finished in 1873 on the site of the present courthouse, on the square limited by eleventh, twelfth, H, and I Streets. Brief Overview About The County Regulators From 1879 to 1884, Modesto was a prosperous boondocks town with a vivacious nightlife. It was so exuberant, in certainty, that a mystery vigilante assembles called the San Joaquin Regulators was shaped trying to set up some request. The San Joaquin Regulators attacked different organizations. Various culpable characters were welcome to leave town and no less than one was killed when he declined to leave. The savagery and disorder related with the San Joaquin Regulators and their objectives joined with a noteworthy fire that obliterated quite a bit of downtown Modesto because of an absence of sorted out firefighting endeavors, evidently this persuaded Modesto’s residents of the requirement for government. The City of Modesto was incorporated on August 6, 1884. At that time, the first city limits comprised of the region we…read more.

Secure Living In Elk Grove

Is Elk Grove CA a Safe Place to Live? Elk Grove is a city in Sacramento County California situated on the south of Sacramento’s state capital. This city is part of Sacramento-Arden-Roseville Arcade Metropolitan Statistical Areas. As of the year 2015, the city’s population was estimated at about 167,965. This is considered to be the second largest city in the Sacramento County. Apart from that, it is also known as the fastest growing US city. With so many tourist spots to visit and things to do in Elk Grove, more and more people are choosing to live in this part of California. Is it really safe to live in Elk Grove is a question that comes up quite a bit? There are many residents who agreed that this is truly one of the safest places to live in, but there are still a lot out there who are hesitant to move here since they don’t know much about this city and it’s high level of safe living. Recently Rated In Top 10 Northern California Cities To Live In 2018 You will definitely be afraid to live in some cities in northern California because of the alarming incidents of crime. However when you choose to live in Elk Grove, you will feel safe and secure at all times. You will eventually feel the warm welcoming atmosphere of safe living in Elk Grove together with your kids, family and friends without any worry at all, but why is this so? First and foremost, Elk Grove has one of the lowest crime rates in northern California with many of the best type of people who take good care of there properties both in residential and commercial neighborhoods.  They have the one of the highest rated police force in the county who are highly responsive to any crimes that might happen. One great thing about the city of Elk Grove is that all the officers work closely together with the residents to work out their fears and worries in the fight against crime. They are doing this by working together closely with all of the Elk Grove community members with programs such as neighborhood watch to keep this city a safe place for everyone to live in. Apart from that, the crime rate in Elk Grove is continuously decreasing year by year which shows that the city is well-managed by city leaders and officers who are preventing crimes. Why not Come Live in Elk Grove Today! With the cooperation of all the residents in Elk Grove as well as the leaders and officers, this city is well known to be a safe place for you to live. You can feel comfortable moving to Elk Grove because this community will definitely make you feel safe and secure at all times. This is a safe place for your children going to school and growing up in a safe environment. The level of safety and security that Elk Grove offers is excellent. That is why if you…read more.

What To Do For Fun In Elk Grove

Fun Things to Do in Elk Grove CA Elk Grove is a town in Sacramento County, California. It’s one of the fastest growing towns in 2004 to 2005. Here are some fun things to do in Elk Grove CA. Indoor Surfing Simulator Why don’t you try Surf Extreme’s indoor surfing simulator? It’s a great way to enjoy surfing and burn some fat at the same time. You can test your skills against other people as well. Since the water is heated, you won’t feel cold. Even if you are a beginner, you don’t need to be afraid of falling since you will be swept up and immediately taken back to the top when you fall. There is also a trampoline area for those who are not in the mood to surf. Old Town          The Old Town has plenty of interesting shops, people and buildings. If you just want to relax, you can go to this part of the town. There are many places to get something nice for you or for your family and friends. You just enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the delicious dishes served by restaurants in the area. Join the Elk Grove Movement Join the Elk Grove Movement is a health and fitness campaign launched by the City of Elk Grove. It features events, tips and activities supporting an active lifestyle. For instance, the 5-kilometer and 10-kilometer running route provides motivational quotes. There are plenty of trails, pools, parks, fitness centers and local shops as well as market where you can buy fresh food. Farmer’s Market The Farmer’s Market offers a large selection of spices, flowers, breads, fresh vegetables and fruits, dog treats, meats and honey. There are also fresh seasonal items. The market runs from June to October every Saturday from 7:30 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon. It’s located by the Clock Tower. You can also take your foods to the park and have a picnic with your friends and family. Emerald Lakes Golf Course If you love golf, you should include the Emerald Lakes Golf Course in your must-visit list. Here, you can see three lakes and an oak tree that is already 300 years old. There are also lessons conducted in the golf course. The Emerald Lakes Golf Course is open seven days a week. Lange Twins Family Winery and Vineyard Visiting the Lange Twins Family Winery and Vineyard is a great way to spend the day with your family and friends. It first opened in 1870. The winery and vineyard was established by twin brothers Brad and Randall Lange who loved farming. You will be happy with the cheese pairing and wine tasting experience as well as private tour. If you want, you can become a wine club member. The Lange Twins Family Winery and Vineyard is also dedicated to sustainability and because of this, they have put a lot of effort into their solar arrays. The winery is one of the best places to learn more about wine. These…read more.

A Little History On Elk Grove, CA

Now & Then In Elk Grove Elk Grove is the 2nd largest town in Sacramento County, California. According to the 2015 census, the city’s population was approximately 167,965. In 1808, Spanish voyager Gabriel Moraga entered the area and named it Sacramento Valley to honor Sacramento which is the Holy Sacrament in Spanish. In the year 1850, Elk Grove was established as a stage stop for people coming from the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. The Central Pacific Railroad’s Western Division came through approximately a mile east of the city in 1868. Another hotel named the Elk Grove Hotel was built in this location to accommodate commuters. Elk Grove continued as a small farming community with trivial urban development in the next decades. It was in the late 1980s when suburban development projects started to occur around the area, particularly in the north nearby Sacramento. The development was designed to serve the population of Sacramento and the travelers from San Francisco seeking a community near the San Francisco Bay Area where they could reside in and still travel from. This started a period of quick suburban development, which skyrocketed in 2004 and 2005 when Elk Grove was named the fastest growing town in the United States. Elk Grove incorporated as a town on the 1st of July 2000. Education In Elk Grove Elk Grove is home to several schools. The Elk Grove Unified School District is California’s 5th largest school district and covers 320 square miles or one-third of the nation. It’s situated in southern Sacramento County and served over 52,500 students in the school year 2002-2003, which increased to 62,767 students in the school year 2016-2017. There’s also a local community college called Cosumnes River College that offers a transfer program to 4-year universities and vocational training. St. Mary’s College, the University of California, Davis and the California State University, Sacramento are other schools located nearby. The California Northstate University College of Pharmacy moved to Elk Grove in 2013. The Elk Grove Public Library is a modern 2-story building. The library is actually part of the Sacramento Public Library system. It serves adjacent communities like Rancho Murieta, Vineyard, Sloughhouse and Wilton. Elk Grove is serviced by e-Tran, a fared bus system that encompasses many of the town’s major roads. Attractions Elk Grove is home to a number of attractions, including the Laguna Creek Parkway, which is a 13-mile waterway that features open space, bird watching, riding and walking trails, wetlands and fishing. On the southern edge of the city is the Cosumnes River Preserve, a riparian habitat that runs along the Cosumnes River. On the western edge of the town is a narrow expanse of floodplain called Stone Lakes Refuge. Climate Elk Grove has mild 4-season weather. Delta breezes cool off warm dry days during the summer season. Winter temperatures usually range from 43⁰ to 58⁰. The rainy season takes place between November and April, with a 12″ regional yearly average precipitation. Elk Grove’s climate is pretty much mild,…read more.

5 Good Tips after you have been in a Car Accident

  5 Good Tips after you have been in a Car Accident If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, a checklist is a vital way to make sure that you have not overlooked anything after you leave the accident scene. Most likely, your mind will be racing with thoughts such as what should I do next? Was the accident my fault? Is everyone okay? This car accident checklist is designed to help you gather critical data if you get into an automobile accident. Check to immediately see if any of your passengers were bruised during the vehicle accident- Feel free to call 911-emergency help if you or anyone in any vehicle needs medical attention. Don’t try to move an unconscious person, unless it is needed. Often times, moving a person after a serious personal injury can aggravate or worsen an injury. If you move an injured person, make sure that their neck and head were supported. Ask for help from other nearby parties if you need it to ensure the person’s body remains as stable as possible. Find a Safe Area- Get yourself to a safe area, such as sidewalk or parking lot, but remain at the scene of the car accident. If your car is badly damaged and won’t turn on, open your hood and put your flashers on to warn other drivers who may be approaching the area. Your safety is most important. Call the nearby police station if the vehicle accident involves death, injury or damage- Be sure to dial 911-emergency response if the auto accident involves death, personal injury or damage, especially in instances of hit-and-run driving. The 911 representative will initiate the best assistance such as CHP, police or ambulance to the scene of the car accident. Obtain information from all the other drivers and witnesses involved in the car accident- You will need to gather the following information from all witnesses, passengers and drivers of the accident: Name, Address, City, Home Number, Mobile Number and Work Number. It’s helpful if you can gather the other person’s email, Insurance Company, Policy Number and Coverage Limits. Schedule an appointment with your doctor- Many times; initial injuries are spotted right after the accident takes place. However, many people may suffer from personal injury but not have realized it immediately following an automobile accident. Therefore, it is always wise to see your doctor to make sure that you are okay. As to seeing a doctor, often people are offered an ambulance ride, which they turn down. Often, people strike their head, are confused and really not in a position to say “yes” or “no” to the ambulance ride. Or, one may have a passenger, especially a child in the car, and not think about themselves. If an ambulance ride is offered, and if you are unsure as to whether or not you’re injured, you may want to take the ambulance ride to be on the safe side. Hopefully, these tips will greatly help you know what…read more.

How To Lower Forklift Injury Risk

  Due to the complexity of machinery and traffic, and the push to increase productivity, there is a higher level of risk for the industrial industry. Many experts believe improved training and planning can reduce these risks. Employees can remain safe through setting standards, and regulations also help to lower the amount of damage as a result of inventory and equipment. The most common reason for forklift accidents include irresponsible drivers, pedestrian accidents, and tip-over accidents. Workplace injury risk are shown to be reduced when these risk factors are addressed. Workplaces should train their employees in preventing tip-overs, experts advise. If a forklift tips over, the employee may want to jump off the lift immediately, however this is a cause for serious injuries since the forklift may land on the worker, which can lead to broken bones and other serious injuries. There are many methods of lowering the chances of a forklift tip-over, such as reducing speed before turning, and maintaining a slower speed throughout the turn and rotating the wheels of a forklift slowly. Lower the forks and tilt them back to stabilize the load. Loads should also be kept low, and the mast should be tilted back. If a load is angled too far forward or backward, there is also a higher chance of tipping, according to news reports. Read our last blog post here

Summer Means More Chances for Crashes

 Summer Means More Chances For Crashes For teen drivers, summer is especially deadly on roadways in Ohio. In recent years, the number of individuals killed on roadways in Ohio has lowered, however summer is still the most deadly season for all motorists. 477 motorists were involved in fatal wrecks during summer last year, representing 32% of all driver deaths that occurred during the year. 35 driver deaths involving teens occurred between Memorial Day and Labor Day of last year, representing nearly 35% of all fatal crashes for the year, according to data from the Ohio Highway Patrol. One of the fatal wrecks happened in Warren County, and drivers ages 13-19 were involved in 302 wrecks from Memorial Day to Labor Day in 2013. Teen crashes represented 15% of all motorists involved in wrecks during those months, and 12% of drivers in collisions leading to injuries. When analyzing wrecks that happened in other counties among drivers ages 13-19 from Memorial Day to Labor Day, 9% all motorists involved in wrecks among teens occurred in Hamilton County, while 12% of all wrecks involving teens were in Clermont County. More pedestrians, motorcyclists, individuals on vacation, and an increase in teen drivers contribute to an upsurge in car crashes during the summer. Ohio Highway Patrol said the combination of these factors lead to more wrecks, and crashes were most common during May, October, and December of last year. Although, the deadliest month in Ohio last year was September, with 119 of 990 crash-related deaths, followed by August with 101 and October with 99 fatalities. 7 of the ten deadliest days for teen drivers happened during the summer, according to experts with AAA. Proposed legislation introduced last June would ban newly licensed 16-17 year-old’s from driving from 10 at night to 5 in the morning unless a parent is in the car with them. The bill would also ban teens from driving with more than one passenger, unless passengers are parents or guardians. The passenger would also be required to be at least 21 years-old. 308 people have died in crashes on roadways in Ohio as of yet this year, a decrease from 351 during the same time period last year. Drivers from Ohio are urged to reduce the number of crashes through wearing seat belts, designating a driver, and turning off their cellphones to avoid distractions. Parents are also urged to restrict driving when necessary and limit the number of passengers teens have in their car, along with limit night driving, according to news reports. Visit our car accident page for more info.

Safety Standards for Helmets

There are many considerations to keep in mind when looking to purchase a new helmet. Customers should look for a helmet which meets government safety regulations. They need to protect your head adequately. Safety experts advise looking for helmets which meet specific safety standards and making sure it fits comfortably. A helmet should be thrown out if it was in a wreck, since they are only meant for one impact. A new helmet must be purchased if the old one is no longer comfortable. Before purchasing a new helmet, try on as many as possible to get a good fit. Different helmets fit differently, and they’re engineered to fit comfortably on different heads. Pay special attention to padding and the ratcheting band that keeps the helmet fit into place. Customers should also keep in mind that if a helmet is more expensive, it may not provide a better fit compared with the less expensive helmet. A customer should also consider when and where they’ll be wearing the helmet, and if it’s on hot days they should seek a helmet which includes increased ventilation. Cyclists should also consider the helmet’s color. Bright, lighter colors are easier for drivers to see and they also keep a cyclist’s head cooler. Most helmets found in local sporting good stores are designed to protect the head from a serious injury, although many are skeptical about whether they can protect a head adequately from concussions. Currently, industry testing procedures involve dropping a weight onto the stationary helmet, although many experts believe these methods are flawed since they do not duplicate a real-world situation. Multi-directional Impact Protection Systems also address real-world situations to help protect a head from concussions. The system was developed by Swiss researchers after 15 years of research. The system includes an inner layer inside the helmet that slips on impact, reducing the rotational impact during a crash. Only some helmets include the technology, including POC’s Trabec Race. The technology will be added to Lazer’s Helium helmet starting in August. Many helmet manufacturers want to add the system to their helmets in the near future, and experts urge getting helmets which include the system in order to protect themselves better from a concussion. The three helmets suggested by researchers currently include the POC Octal, Smith Optics Forefront, and Lazer Helium. Each of these helmets are meant to provide further during a crash that could save someone from a serious personal injury, according to these news reports. Visit our law office for more info

43% of All Fatal Falls Involve Ladders

43% of all fatal falls in the US involve a ladder, recent reports revealed. Approximately 20% of all fall injuries involve ladders, for instance. Researchers gathered data from 2011 in order to determine that work-related ladder falls resulted in 113 fatalities, and 15,500 injuries in the US. Injuries resulted in at least one day away from work. 34,000 injuries were also treated in the emergency room. Workers with the highest risk of injury included older employees, men, Hispanics, construction workers, installation, maintenance, repair, and extraction workers. A primary researcher said a majority of these injuries are preventable. Safety advocates, employees, healthcare professionals, and others are requested to cooperate in order to help make sure everybody involved with the job remains safe around ladders. They also think further research is required on fall prevention as a result of ladders. They also provided advice on how to prevent ladder falls from occurring. Firstly, they advise seeking ways to complete the work required without using ladders, and providing workers with alternatives to ladders, such as aerial lifts or supported scaffolds. Ladders must also be inspected to make sure safety accessories are available and they must be linked properly with the worker’s task, location, and weight. All workers should be trained while on the job, and they should be provided with necessary information on staying safe while on the job. Safety experts also provided a check list concerning how employees and residents should safely use extension ladders. Workers should maintain a 3-point contact whenever climbing or descending a ladder, which includes using two hands and a foot, or two feet and a hand. Employees should also face the ladder whenever going up or down, and keep their body inside the side rails at all times. Ladder users should also stay careful while getting on or off a ladder, and avoid tipping the ladder. All tools should be secured inside a belt, and never carried in the ladder user’s hands while climbing up or down a ladder. Extend the top of the ladder three feet over the landing, and keep ladders free from material that may be slippery. Employees are asked to never put ladders on an unstable base that exceeds the maximum load rating for the ladder, and they shouldn’t ignore overhead power lines. Workers also shouldn’t move or shift a ladder while someone is on the ladder, and they shouldn’t lean out beyond the ladder’s side rails either, according to ladder industry news reports. Now servicing clients in Stockton from our new office below. CDM LAW Home 4.9 stars – based on 6 reviews 4545 Georgetown Place, Suite B12 Stockton, CA 95207 (209) 774-9120   Hours: Mon-Fri 7am – 7:00pm

The Many Facets Of Personal Injury Law Firms

  The Many Facets Of Local Personal Injury Law Firms We are living in a world where suffering personal injuries at times cannot be avoided. In spite of being careful and taking all precautions, it is quite likely that we will be a victim of some kind of accidents in our lives. While some accidents may be well and truly be because of our own faults and carelessness, there could be many situations where the accidents could have occurred because of gross negligence on the part of some persons. There are many such situations which could cause personal injuries to innocent people. Car accidents and rash driving contribute alto for such injuries. Some injuries could be very serious and could also be life threatening at times. It could put a person out of action for many days and a few could even be disabled or life. There could be a few who may also have to pay with their lives. Hence in such situations the aggrieved party is very much within their rights to seek legal help and get justice for being wronged. However, this has to be done only with the active support and help from qualified personal injury law firms or lawyers and attorneys. These professionals are very helpful because they will first look at the entire case from the legal standpoint. He will try and evaluate realistically whether the client has a reasonably good chance of getting legal recourse for the wrongdoing which perhaps might have happened to the client. A simple accident involving car could lead to potential actions on the wrongdoer. It could range from negligence, intentional hurt, causing distress emotional, and causing loss of income and earning capacity just to name a few. Hence handing over the case to their professionals could be a great way to stand a fair chance of getting compensated for the wrongdoing. The compensation can only be given if there is a direction from the court of law and the wrongdoer has been convicted of the crime. They also will look at the various circumstantial evidences and then try to pin down the blame on the wrongdoer. They are capable of painstakingly collecting the required evidences which could stand the test of trial in a courtroom. This is possible only by those who have the required experience and expertise. Hence it makes all the sense to hire these professionals if as an affected person you are keen on getting compensated for the personal injuries that you have suffered because of such rashness and negligence. Finally, in many cases these professionals could also help you to get out of court settlement so that the matter does not drag for a long period of time on the court. In this process they will ensure that the affected person gets the required compensation after which the case is withdrawn and treated as closed through mutual consent.