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CDM LAW JACKSON CA - 25 + years as an attorney, including 10 years as an insurance defense attorney. What does that mean for you?
If you cause an accident, your insurance company will hire an attorney to defend you in court, an insurance defense attorney.
Insurance defense attorneys know exactly how insurance companies do business.
Think of it this way. You have a personal injury claim, so who do you want to stand shoulder to shoulder with you against an insurance company.
We know all the tricks of the trade that insurance companies use because for 10 years I was the one who told them how much money to pay out.
Insurance companies are out for their own interests, I'm out for yours!


The competitive advantage to you in Amador County.

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All personal injury claims are basically just insurance claims-insurance money pays you the claim. We have a tactical advantage that almost no other Amador County personal injury lawyer has. 10+ years experience as an insurance defense attorney. If you cause an accident, your insurance company will pay a lawyer to represent you in court-an insurance defense attorney. For 10+ years we represented all the major insurance companies in California, including Allstate, State Farm, Farmers and Nationwide. We told them how much to pay on auto and motor vehicle accidents of all varieties, trip and fall cases, construction site accidents and even medical malpractice cases. We had lunch with claims adjusters during trials that lasted weeks. They relied on us to represent their best interests, the most important of which is always paying as little money as possible to people who have claims just like yours. If you are looking for the Modesto Legal services page click here.


Years of experience working for insurance company counts for experience of the highest order.

Hardly a week goes by without a claims adjuster telling us that most personal injury attorneys just do not seem to know what they are doing. Again and again they use tactics that seem almost designed to fail. Well of course…they never worked for insurance companies. They do not know their internal policies and procedures. Most personal injury lawyers do not even know that they are making elementary mistakes, let alone how to correct those mistakes.

In over 25 years practice we have only met a handful of lawyers (translation: you can count them on one hand ) who have significant experience as insurance defense attorneys. There is one living and working right here in Amador County.

We would be privileged to use that experience on your behalf. Contact Us Today 209-223-9000

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